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Room Reservation

Current location:GRAND TRUSTEL ASTER SUZHOU > Food&Beverage
4F open-air B.B.Q.

15 separate dining rooms are added to the 2nd floor,named after various flowers such ad Bauhinia Room,Rose room,Peony Room,Lily Room and Lotus Room. They have deluxe and elegant Fumishings, and two of them are equipped with areception space.Here,guests can enjoy the special delicaciesof the hotel,as well as Huai-Yang Style and Cantonese style dishes, including abalone, birds'nest, shark's flin and various dim-sum.It is sure to be a deluxe choice for your private feasts.

The only revolving restaurant in town at the 29the floor.After re-design and decoration, the restaurant takes on a new look, and the beautiful night views plus the grand cafeteria are sure to impress you in a unique way.

One of the largest baquest halls in whole town #-Century Hall. The banquest hallis over 680sqm in size, with state-of-the-art audio and visual facilities. It is able to host various banquets and meetings.


Address:488,San Xiang Road,Suzhou,China   Tel:(86 512)68291888  Fax:(86 512)68291838
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